IEEE CASE 2016 Workshop on Multi-Robot Systems in Automation: Topics in Planning and Control

Workshop Overview

One of big commercial successes of robotics has been optimization and automation of materials handling, warehousing, and fulfillment at scale. Underlying these successes are solutions to important problems of several types, including mechanical design robots, sensing technologies, strategies for power management and recharging. The purpose of this workshop is to explore questions related primarily to control and planning of such systems, and also systems which ultimately could have an impact on automation applications in the long-run.

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This workshop is intended to bring together experts in planning and control of many robot systems to discuss topics relevant to automation applications. We are soliciting submissions dealing with such issues including, but not limited to, the following topics:

Time: Morning (Half-day workshop)
Date: August 21, 2016
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Room: W3

Tentative schedule: Sunday 21th August, 2016

This is still subject to some change.

Morning Session 1: 8:30am-10:10am
8:30am-8:45amWelcome, Organizational Overview (Aaron Becker)slides
8:45am-9:10amPatrick MacAlpine (UT Austin) slides
9:15am-9:40amJingjin Yu (Rutgers)slides
9:45am-10:10amJason O'Kane (U.S.C)slides
Coffee Break: 10:10am-10:30am
Morning Session 2: 10:30am-11:50am
10:30am-10:55amAlberto Quattrini Li (U.S.C)slides
11:00am-11:25amGlenn Wagner (CMU)slides
11:30am-11:55amDylan Shell (TAMU)slides
Lunch: 11:55am-1:00pm
CASE Plenary: 1:00pm-2:10pm